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About us

Enerchange is an independent specialized agency for information and consulting services with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable energy use. Our range of services includes the research and publication of technical informations, the organization of events, the press and public relations as well as the consulting of companies in the implementation of renewable energy projects. Our name is our program: Because Enerchange as a made-up word from "Energy" and "Change" stands for the change in energy production and in energy use. With a simple goal: 100% renewable and 100% efficient.

Enerchange was founded in 2007 by Marcus Brian and Dr. Jochen Schneider in Freiburg. Since 2015 is Dr. Jochen Schneider thesole managing director. Dr. Schneider has many years of experience in the field of renewable energies and especially as a geologist for geothermal energy use he can draw on extensive know-how. Furthermore, due to the numerous events, in which he has carried out the main responsibility, he has built up a wide-ranging network of experts and external service providers that he can rely on.

Since 2015 the headquarters of the company has been in Munich - in the center of the Bavarian geothermal region. 

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Enerchange GmbH & Co. KG
Tizianstraße 96
80638 München
Telefon: 089 - 20 34 52 39
Telefax: 089 - 418 789 52
E-Mail: agentur@enerchange.de

About us


Tizianstr. 96
D-80638 München