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Public relations for renewable energies

Renewable energies in general enjoy now widespread social acceptance. But in confrontation with concrete projects, resistance can arise on the ground, which can only be overcome by transparent and regular public relations. Especially geothermal energy is perceived by the population - or at least by an often loud minority - as risky. Here, it is important to establish transparent communication at an early stage, which makes clear what opportunities geothermal energy offers - and how your company intends to deal with potential risks.

The communication with the population must be adapted to the local situation, because no municipality is the same. With you together we analyze the current situation and set the goals that you want to achieve. We develop a PR strategy and with the fitting appropriate measures. If you wish, we also take responsibility for their implementation and stand by your side until your project finally finds the deserved acceptance. We are also happy to assist you if you only want to implement individual measures - such as sending press releases, creating information material or updating the website.


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